Semiconductor Manufacturer

Manufacturing Industry

Client:A large global manufacturer of semiconductors and engineered materials


  • With growth into new markets and expanding product lines, the manufacturer faced challenges with timely decision-making delayed by the need to consolidate data from multiple sources in disparate formats.
  • Data quality and consistency were compromised necessitating excessive resources to be expended on data cleaning.
  • Report generation that was needed for business analysis and decision-making was delayed and the company’s ability to respond to changing market conditions was affected.


  • Designed and deployed data lake infrastructure on the Azure cloud platform.
  • Integrated data platform to ERPs (SAP, Omega, Oracle, NetSuite, etc.) and CRM (Salesforce)
  • Enabled self-service reporting capabilities.
  • Developed and deployed Target Marketing Engine


Real time data-driven decision

Trusted data with single, scalable platform resulting in cost savings

Improved marketing effectiveness