We help manufacturers realize the full potential of data and improve productivity throughout the product life cycle

Develop and Deploy Data and Analytics Solutions Rapidly

Industry 4.0 is powered by digital transformation, Big Data, Internet of Things (IoT), cloud computing, analytics, and artificial intelligence which help accelerate decision-making and optimize processes.

Supported by extensive industry experience, QuaXigma helps develop and implement a data strategy that improves process efficiency and achieves business goals cost-effectively.

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Outperform your Competition with QuaXigma Solution Framework

  • Integrate your ERP, MRP, CRM, and other systems with a secure data lake to get a holistic view of your operations
  • Apply machine learning models to predict outcomes and develop fact-based marketing plans
  • Develop and deploy proactive measures to mitigate risks across the supply chain
  • Make data-driven decisions with self-service dashboards readily available to business users. Spend more time driving business growth, and less time extracting value from data

Sample Solutions

Product planning, including demand and inventory planning with accurate forecasts and pricing recommendations

Identification of target audience, cross-selling/upselling opportunities, and product recommendation

Operational management including workforce management and call center optimization

Predictive maintenance and anomaly detection