Retail and eCommerce

QuaXigma helps the retail industry navigate a rapidly evolving landscape with changing customer behaviors and product preferences

Smart Analytics for a Fast-Changing Industry

Retail is a fiercely competitive industry with low margins, changing customer interests, and high employee churn. Making informed decisions that improve profitability and customer satisfaction requires extraction of insights from multiple sources such as ERPs, Order Management Systems (OMS), POS Terminals, Inventory Systems, and e-commerce platforms

QuaXigma has extensive experience providing a 360-degree view of your processes by integrating data from disparate sources and extracting business insights that help raise employee productivity, reduce customer churn, and improve operational efficiencies


Robust Insights at the Speed of Business

  • Integrate the live and historical data into data lakes and data warehouses
  • Harness the power of analytics by extracting actionable insights and forecasts from your data
  • Improve operational efficiency and uncover new market opportunities
  • Make data-driven decisions with self-service dashboards readily available to business users

Sample Solutions


Demand forecasting, inventory management, and distribution management.

Store performance analysis with seasonal and weekday trends.

Marketing promotions, campaign optimization, market segmentation

Customer churn, employee turnover, call center optimization