Raise your fundraising prowess with predictive analytics backed by QuaXigma’s solution framework

Accelerate your growth with QuaXigma

To raise funds needed to carry out its mission, a nonprofit organization needs to invest in learning about its donors, their giving patterns, and values. They should run fundraising campaigns that reach the right group of donors with the right message and channel

QuaXigma has proven experience analyzing donor data to identify the optimal profile, segment donors, and provide campaign recommendations. Our solutions have helped improve both the pledge rate and the pledge amount


Spend more time on your mission with effective fundraising

  • Enrich your data by integrating donor details from multiple sources
  • Use the power of analytics to reach the right donors at the right time
  • Improve operational efficiency and lower the cost of acquisition of new donors
  • Obtain insightful metrics and KPIs for campaigns, events, and staff

Sample Solutions

Segment donors to customize outreach and engagement


Identify effective campaigns that help meet fundraising goals


Reduce donor churn by identifying donors at risk of lapsing


Estimate donor lifetime value and identify approaches to improve