About Us

QuaXigma, a Data Analytics Company, was founded with a mission to build customer-centric solutions to accelerate digital business transformation and unlock the true value by re-engineering the power of Data and AI. Our goal is to make these solutions affordable for every business and generate a quick-to-market ROI.

We are thought leaders who bring over 100 years of collective Real-World experience in Analytics and are deeply committed to delivering high-quality analytics products and solutions that harness the real incremental value leading to customer growth and tangible organic business growth.

Our Team

  • Business domain experts and thought leaders in business transformation through data analytics
  • Highly skilled data engineers, data scientists, and product engineers with a passion for data and solving complex problems
  • Deeply committed to customer experience and know-how for business value-driven solutions

Our Execution

  • Agile framework to rapidly build and deliver value quickly
  • Development of the right business cases that align with business goals
  • The most direct, simple path to the solution
  • Continuous communication to ensure satisfaction


Our Cost Advantage

  • Tested and out-of-the-box value-proven analytical solutions
  • Pre-built data integrators for ERPs, CRMs, Telematics, etc.
  • Standard industry-specific data models for Manufacturing, Transportation, Retail, etc.
  • Proven standards and frameworks
  • Pre-built analytical platforms in Azure and AWS

Why QuaXigma?

  • We bring years of industry expertise in identifying and recommending the right business use cases that create incremental business value immediately
  • We are pioneers in building Data Science/AI solutions at scale for enterprises by bringing the power of Data, AI, and Engineering to drive digital transformation
  • We accelerate data processing with a well-defined framework and enable business users to self-discover insights and improve data literacy across the enterprise
  • We are engineers, scientists, and PhDs and start generating ROI much sooner with quick deployment timelines at a cost every organization can afford
  • We have implemented 60+ AI solutions across industries that were proven and created business value that can be leveraged to accelerate the implementation and reduce implementation cost
  • We are thought leaders in developing an effective Data & Analytics Strategy that is key to Business Strategy. We determine current state data & analytics maturity and develop business-relevant data analytics roadmap to drive growth
  • We focus on building outcome-based strategies and solutions, and some includes…
    • Predict and uncover the critical drivers of a strong customer relationship, experience, and retention
    • Building a new level of “Operational Excellence” is crucial to remain competitive, meeting rising customer expectations, expanding markets, and digitalization
    • Predictive insights that uncover and validate growth opportunities in a new market, product, etc.
Our Mission
To accelerate digital business transformation and unlock the true value by re-engineering the power of AI and Data
about us

Core Values


We place our people first, and we strive to provide the right opportunities to follow their passion and truly enjoy what they do every day.


We continue to innovate in better ways to use Data and AI to drive digital transformation.


We set a high bar, compete against ourselves, and genuinely take personal ownership for solving complex problems and provide unmatched service to clients.


We accelerate creating value from data. We begin with what problem we are solving and why we are solving it, and we firmly believe this is the only way to deliver a better value.