We drive the digital transformation of transportation companies with state-of-the-art analytics solutions that improve fleet productivity and TCO

Enhance your Data and Analytics Maturity

The transportation industry collects rich data from multiple systems such as dispatch systems, telematics, GPS, maintenance, transportation management systems (TMS), and workforce management

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Build a Data Framework that Scales with your Fleet

  • Integrate the data from ERP, TMS, telematics, GPS, and CRM systems with data lakes and data warehouses
  • Apply machine learning models to improve process efficiency and identify cost-savings
  • Make data-driven decisions with self-service dashboards and provide recommendations to improve vehicle and driver performance

Sample Solutions

Fuel optimization by identifying opportunities to reduce fuel consumption and minimize fraud and waste

Predictive maintenance to lower vehicle downtime and avoid catastrophic failures

Driver scoring, engagement, and churn predictions

Operations efficiency through carrier capacity management, call center optimization, and load optimization