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AI Powered Smart Algorithms

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AI Solutions We deploy Azure or AWS robust AI suite to Enable Data Science Teams for rapidly building, testing, and operationalizing AI solutions

Fleet/Truck Fuel Cost Optimization

According to Fleet Automotive, Fuel cost is the second
largest total cost of ownership expense after

Our AI Solution demonstrated >90%
effectiveness in optimizing fleet/truck
fuel cost.

Fleet Intellect.ai

AI Powered Fleet Products

Fuel Optimization, Driver Retention, Driver Safety

Retail Intellect.ai

AI Powered Retail Products

Store Traffic, Product Demand, Customer Retention

Rapid AI application development in weeks with our differentiated framework

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Expedite Data Lake implementation to deliver speed to market business value!

Reduce implementation/infrastructure costs by 50-60% using the Redshift Spectrum!

Accelerate Digital Transformation

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We deploy Self-Service Business Insights to improve data-driven decision making across the enterprise

Deployment in weeks

Guaranteed operational efficiency and improved data-driven decision making