AI-powered Call Center Platform

AI-Powered Call Center Platform to accelerate ROI

Client:Call Center Platform
Goal:Superior customer service and maximize staff utilization


Research reveals that customer experience will go beyond price and product as the key brand differentiator. Call Centers are challenged with better understanding of customer expectations and delivering on the promise are becoming increasingly critical.

Industry Challenges:

  • Workforce Management. Agent productivity and retention
  • Lack of understanding of customer expectations; resulting in poor customer experience and churn
  • Getting accurate and consistent performance reporting poses a colossal challenge
  • Higher call cents costs
  • Cutthroat Competition. Sustainability and profitability


Call center wins customers for you:

The contact center is the heart of your company’s customer support processes, and your representative interaction with customers can significantly impact your brand, product, or service.  Customers demand that they should be able to contact a business at any time, from anywhere, and on any platform they want.


QX call center solution:

Our A.I Powered Insights can modernize your call centers and deliver a superior customer experience. Our tailor-made solutions are designed to drive your call center operational efficiencies, and customer and agent experience, reduce attrition and maximize staff utilization.

AI-Powered solutions are Transforming Call Centers and Creating Value

AI Call Center

QX Call Center AI-Powered Platform Capabilities

  1. Jumpstart improving ROI. Low-Cost, fully tested and proven business value solutions
  2. Easy, simple, and seamless integration to any system,  improve business performance in weeks
  3. AI-Powered self-service Insight platform empowers call center associates across sites
  4. Accelerate the digital transformation with AI Solution-as-a Service Model  
  5. Flexibility go with one or more solutions based on the current need in SaaS or On-Prem
  6. Data Hub with Internal and external data used for better predictions
  7. Dedicated support and maintenance
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Call Center Self-Service Insights

  • Site level performance
  • Distribution of Calls Answered by site
  • Agent to Calls Answered by site
  • Supervisor Performance
  • Top and Bottom Performing Agents
  • Ability to identify best performing and under performing agents
  • Agent scoring and segmentation
  • Agent comparison by AHT vs Calls Answered
  • Agent trending and comparison
AI-powered Call Center Platform
AI-powered Call Center Platform