Driver Safety

Driver Safety

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The Opportunity

Technology has impacted the industry with numerous smart IoT devices and sensors, collecting data from a variety of sources such as telematics, GPS, vehicle cameras, traffic cameras, and driver tracking applications. Fleets must contend with the enormous amounts of data and “business as usual tools” are ineffective.​

Machine Learning (ML) has become an efficient and cost-effective tool for analyzing and processing massive amounts of data collected from multiple sources and suggest next best actions.

Our Driver Safety solution integrates and analyzes data from multiple disparate systems including data from telematics, GPS, vehicles, service, maintenance history, drivers, customer relationship management systems (CRM), other internal and external data, and third-party data like weather information.

This AI-Powered solution identifies and reconciles problems, prioritizes actionable inputs, and effectively assesses Driver behaviors affecting safety. Our solution is easy to deploy, simple to use, inexpensive, scalable, and proven to improve business performance in weeks.

Our fully automated solution uses advanced machine learning algorithms that continuously improve over time to identify issues and opportunities with increasing precision and repeatability.

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