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What Differentiates Us?

We are thought leaders in discovering business growth opportunities that generate incremental business value, customer, and revenue growth and we have over 100 years of real-world experience in data and AI, building scalable solutions for enterprises to accelerate digital transformation.

At QuaXigma, we leverage a well-defined framework to expedite data processing, assess existing data and analytics maturity, create an effective data and analytics strategy, and establish a business-relevant data analytics roadmap to drive growth.

We deliver an unmatched level of control and operational visibility with actionable insights that improved data-driven decisions
We offer a low-cost advantage paired with an agile and nimble execution strategy to generate business value within weeks
We are deeply committed to customer satisfaction and accelerated digital transformation
We have extensive experience building scalable Enterprise AI applications that enable business users to self-discover insights and promote data literacy across the enterprise
We support the entire lifecycle of AI modeling, from data ingestion and cleaning to model training, deployment, and monitoring
We implemented over 40 AI solutions across industries, proven to deliver tangible business value

We focus on developing an outcome-based approach focusing on growth drivers such has:

  • Predicting and identifying the critical drivers of a strong customer relationship, experience, and retention.
  • Maintaining competitiveness, fulfilling increased consumer demands, and expanding markets.
  • Providing predictive insights that uncover and validate growth opportunities in new markets, products.

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